Apex Legends leaks reveal inside of mysterious Kings Canyon “UFO”

Daniel Cleary
Apex Legends map

Apex Legends data miners have revealed an early look at a leaked point-of-interest that could be replacing Skulltown in Kings Canyon.

The fifth season in Apex Legends brought along some major map changes, including the destruction of the fan-favorite location Skulltown, which was left underwater following Loba’s entrance to the battle royale.

Skulltown’s destruction also saw a significant chunk of the map fall into the ocean ahead of Season 5, however, it seems as if Respawn finally has something planned to take the place of the infamous point-of-interest.

apex legends skull town location

Respawn devs have previously revealed that they are not afraid to make significant map changes, that will “shake the game up,” in a map like Kings Canyon, and new leaks have teased the next major changes could be added in Season 6.

Apex Legends data miner shrugtal, revealed that the empty corner of the map could soon have a new dome-like location, which was briefly teased in the Apex Legends devstream on June 22.

Shrugtal also claimed that the Skull which can be found near the cliffs would likely have to be removed, due to the scale of this newly leaked area, “This thing is massive, Suspended Skull must be getting removed for it.”


The Apex leaker also revealed an early look at the inside of this new POI, sharing images of a park, which is seemingly inspired by Titanfall 2’s tutorial area.

Shrugtal also claimed that this new location might also be able to fly, labeling it a ‘UFO,’ and sparking rumors that it could be used to transport the Legends to an entirely different map in later seasons.


Shrugtal later released a video on this mysterious “UFO”, highlighting a full look at all of the details this Season 6 map teaser will have to offer.

While it is unclear when exactly this new location is expected to be added, shrugtal has suggested that it will probably be added at some point during Season 6, which is expected to start on August 18.

However, it is unlikely that any of these potential changes will be confirmed by Respawn and Apex Legends fans will just have to wait and see what they decide to do in future updates.