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Apex Legends streamer shows how to outplay opponents with Lifeline’s shield

Published: 10/Oct/2019 10:50 Updated: 10/Oct/2019 11:24

by Daniel Cleary


Professional battle royale player Adam ‘Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends has a variety of characters that can be played with unique abilities, and they can often be difficult to counter as a Lifeline player who primarily provides healing for their teammates.

However, Twitch streamer and pro Crunch managed to make full use of the Combat Medic’s ability kit, perfectly displaying how to outplay any opponent.

Respawn EntertainmentLifeline is known for her supportive ability kit in Apex Legends.
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While Lifeline is not usually known for her ability to rack up kills in-game, Crunch found a way to utilize the Legend’s passive shield, which appears when reviving a teammate, in the best way possible.


The former PUBG and Fortnite pro quickly dispatched of an opponent with his peacekeeper before going to revive one of his teammates and after seeing another enemy approaching him, Crunch chose against engaging in a gunfight and simply relocated the shield.

Realizing he couldn’t get a clear shot the enemy player tried circling the FlyQuest streamer, only for Crunch to keep changing the shield’s angle by canceling each of the revives on his downed teammate.

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Crunch eventually managed to pick up the kill by getting shots in when the enemy least expected it, making perfect use of Lifeline’s passive shield to confuse the opponent.


After numerous canceled revives, Crunch finally saw one through and picked up the downed Wraith player on his team before continuing on with the game.

Crunch is not the first to make use of Lifeline’s shield in this way, as one Apex Legends player has previously done similarly by only using their fists. 

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Although the trick seemed to work well for Crunch, the one flaw is that it requires one of your teammates to be downed in order for you to try it out.

It also means that if the trick fails to work out, it would likely result in a quick squad wipe for the enemy player on you and your teammates.


There may be more good news for Lifeline mains as it was revealed that the legend may have her own heirloom set coming to Apex Legends soon after a leak from data miners.