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Details and images leaked for Lifeline’s new Apex Legends Heirloom set

Published: 2/Oct/2019 21:11 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 21:41

by Bill Cooney


An Apex Legends data miner seems to have uncovered a new Heirloom item for Lifeline in the game’s files.

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Heirlooms are ultra rare sets of cosmetic items in Apex Legends that can’t be crafted or purchased normally in the shop.

The only way to unlock Heirloom items is to open a ton of loot boxes, and there’s less than a one percent chance that players will unlock it while opening them, which makes the items incredibly rare.

So far only Wraith and Bloodhound have Heirloom sets available, but it looks like Lifeline will be next in line to get her very own.


Respawn EntertainmentLifeline is the next legend that will receive an heirloom set, according to leaks.
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How do we know Lifeline’s Heirloom is next?

Apex data miner That1MiningGuy shared the information on Lifeline’s Heirloom item that they found in the game’s files on Twitter.

“Confirmed Lifeline heirloom is next during the Halloween Event,” That1MiningGuy posted on Twitter, along with an image of the information they had found.

The Heirloom will be able to be unlocked for no additional cost during the Fight or Fright Halloween event, after players collect and unlock all of the 224 event cosmetics.

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Information on the new Heirloom set wasn’t the only thing provided by the leaker though, as MiningGuy also included a rendered image of what Lifeline’s Heirloom item could look like.


LIfeline’s Heriloom weapon is a drumstick, matching her original finishing move, where she whacks other legends over the head with the musical implement to finish them off.

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What else has been leaked for Season 3?

Data miners have been hard at work pouring through Apex’s game files since the Season 3 update dropped and besides a new Heirloom, they’ve discovered a new game mode that takes place on a night version of King’s Canyon.

“Shadowfall” as the new LTM (Limited Time Mode) is known, was also leaked by That1MiningGuy and is an interesting twist on the popular solos mode.

“Solo Legends fight to the death but with a dark twist – when Legends die, they are reborn on the “Shadow Squad”, an ever-growing faction of dark Legends who return from the dead to haunt their living counterparts with increased mobility and brutal melee attacks. The last 10 Living Legends will join forces to try to escape while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them at all costs.”


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There’s no official release date for the Halloween event or Lifeline’s new Heirloom set just yet, but since it’s a holiday event, we could see it drop in the latter half of October.

It’s worth noting that the event itself and the Heirloom set haven’t been confirmed yet, so these leaked game files are subject to change.