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First look at Apex Legends Mobile exclusive Legend finally revealed

Published: 12/May/2022 16:46

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends Mobile teaser appears to have offered a first look at a new character arriving in the Outlands, and it’s possible they’re a platform-exclusive.

While Season 13 of Apex Legends is now well-underway on PC and consoles, all attention has been shifted to the launch of Apex Legends Mobile on May 17.

As expected, Respawn decided to build the hype and excitement for the launch with an action-packed trailer that features some of the most well-known faces in Outlands, including Bangalore, Wraith, Lifeline,  and of course, the trickster Mirage.

However, it’s the last 20 seconds of the trailer that’s intrigued viewers the most, as a mysterious new Legend is teased on a TV screen in front of Titanfall’s own Kuben Blisk.


This has sparked speculation from the community that Apex Mobile may be released with a platform exclusive new Legend.

Apex Legends mobile Legend
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Mobile is set to release on May 17.

New Legend teased for Apex Legends Mobile

Back on March 17, EA and Respawn confirmed in a blog post that the mobile version of the game will be receiving its own platform exclusive Legends.

So, when Kuben Blisk appeared at the end of the Season 1 Launch trailer and mentioned a new Legend, it certainly piqued the interest of the community.

During this scene, the announcer mentions “new competition” in the next match from a “challenger climbing the ranks”.

The silhouette of the Legend in the teaser looks nothing like any of the current roster on PC, so it’s being speculated that they’re the first mobile-exclusive Legend.


At this point in time, we have no information on this mysterious character and it hasn’t been confirmed by Respawn that they’re a new or exclusive Legend.

However, all the clues point toward this being a brand new Legend in the Outlands, and with them possibly being exclusive to mobile — it’ll be interesting to see what their abilities look like.