Apex Legends servers down: Unable to connect to Apex servers worldwide

Apex servers down statusRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends servers are having another major outage on December 20, with players around the world unable to connect to the popular battle royale. Developers Respawn Entertainment have acknowledged the issues.

Season 11 rolls on in Apex Legends, with the Raiders Collection event recently hitting live servers ahead of the battle royale’s Christmas celebrations, which include new cosmetics, a Wattson heirloom, and the Winter Express limited-time mode.

Unfortunately, celebrations have ground to a halt on December 20, with Apex Legends servers going down for millions of players across the globe.

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Apex Legends error code.Respawn Entertainment
The battle royale has been swamped with new main-menu error codes.

Apex Legends Server status

Despite EA Help displaying Apex’s server status as all green, players around the world are reporting to Dexerto and across social media that they are unable to get past the main menu screen, which is riddled with user errors.

These include all the classics, from Leaf and Wheel to CE-34878-0.

The December 20 issues haven’t been contained to one console either; PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC players on both Steam and Origin are all affected.

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Apex Legends error reports spiked on December 21.ApexLegendsStatus
Apex Legends error reports spiked on December 20.

At 6.55pm ET, battle royale devs Respawn Entertainment confirmed they were investigating network outages affecting players in all regions.

They wrote, in reply to one worried Apex Legends player’s alert on Twitter: “We’re looking into this! Thanks for letting us know.”

This widespread outage follows a hack on the Apex Legends playlists earlier this year, where players were unable to queue for any playlist. Instead, a hacker changed the name of the playlist to ‘Save Titanfall’.

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