Apex Legends Season 15 players demand update on freezing issues

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Apex Legends players called the game “literally unplayable” after experiencing freezing issues during Season 15 and are demanding answers.

Apex Legends newest season launched on November 1, drawing praise from most fans. However, Season 15 didn’t release completely spotless.

Glitches that came along with Season 15 completely broke Octane’s Jump Pad, rare items were mistakenly unlocked for free, and invisible walls appeared on the new Broken Moon map.

Now, some Apex Legends players fear the developers are not doing a good enough job addressing a potential game-breaking issue.

Freezing issue plaguing Apex Legends matches

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Broken Moon is the new Season 15 map.

According to some player reports, games are freezing in the middle of matches and forcing players to restart.

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One Apex Legend player on Reddit named thevizzledizzle raised this issue and asked, “[i]s there any chance that any of the devs can give us an update on the freezing issue affecting a huge number of players?”

They continued, “[t]he game is literally unplayable for so many people and it’s gone silent since it’s been raised from the start of the patch!”

One player in the comments responded, “Just dropped my first two games on the new map this morning. Two major crashes, unplayable.”

A second user added, “I was in a game yesterday, and it booted me from a match. It’s really frustrating; something needs to be done.”

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Apex Legends developers did respond in the Reddit thread, saying, “we’re working on it.” However, no fix has been given yet.

We will update this article if the developers reveal a fix for the issue. We also have a guide on fixing Apex Legends crashes that may come in handy until a more permanent solution presents itself.