Apex Legends on Steam crashing: How to fix crashes

Apex Legends on SteamRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players on Steam, which averages over 200,000 concurrent players, are finding it impossible to play after the latest update, with countless players reporting crashes.

The 1.90 update for Apex Legends was actually intended to fix a crashing issue on PC, and it appears it was successful – but, in fixing one crashing problem, another has occurred.

The issue seems isolated to Steam players though, so players still using Origin as their Apex launcher might not have any issues.

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Unfortunately, with how widespread the problem is, it’s unlikely any specific setting on your local system will be able to resolve Apex crashing on Steam, but, there are a few things to try.

How to fix Apex Legends Steam crashing

The first step is to verify game files, by going to Apex in your Steam library, then properties, and verifying the integrity of game files.

Next, you may want to set Apex Legends to high priority, so that CPU power is given to Apex first before anything else. To do this:

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  1. Go to Steam library and right-click Apex Legend, then select Properties
  2. Under general, go to launch options
  3. Add the following commands: -high -preload

This will set Apex Legends to high priority on your PC, and preload will load all textures before launch rather than when it needs them, which can prevent some crash causes.

Finally, you may want to check for any driver updates, particularly for your GPU.

However, assuming that none of these steps resolve the crashing issue, it is likely we may need to wait for another update from the developers at Respawn.

Apex Legends crashing on Steam as noted by the game's forumsSteam Community
Players have taken to the forums to report issues when loading the game via Steam.

Countless players on the Steam forums are complaining of crashing issues, so it’s definitely not just you. We’ll keep this article updated with any news from the devs or Valve.

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