Apex Legends Heirloom glitch unlocks rare items for free in Season 15

Crypto with his Heirloom in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have uncovered a new connectivity bug that lets players equip and use unowned Heirlooms in-game.

With updates bringing brand-new content regularly, bugs and glitches aren’t exactly uncommon in Apex Legends, or in the battle royale genre as a whole.

While many bugs are just infuriating to deal with, some can be absolutely game-breaking in certain instances. On the other hand, sometimes glitches can be fun for the player and are pretty much harmless to everybody else.

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Apex Legends bug lets players use unowned Heirlooms

Since the release of Apex Legends, the community has had their eyes locked on Heirlooms. With them being incredibly rare and hard to get, it’s easy to say that they’re the most sought-after cosmetic item in the game.

Currently, there are 10 Heirlooms in Apex Legends, and the only way to acquire them is by being either incredibly lucky or grinding for hundreds of hours. However, players have now uncovered a new glitch that allows them to use unowned heirlooms in-game.

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In a series of November 6 tweets, Apex Legends YouTuber Grrt revealed how he’s able to use Revenant Heirloom in-game despite not even owning it — all thanks to a connectivity bug.

During a minute-long video, the YouTuber walked through how he doesn’t even own Revenant’s Heirloom, and can’t even unlock it if he tried. Nonetheless, upon loading into the game, he’s able to use it.

Grrt explained how there’s no way to replicate the glitch, and pleaded for the devs to not ban him. “Btw theres no way to replicate the glitch, also respawn don’t ban me,” he said. “I don’t actually like this loom.”

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In a follow-up tweet, the creator revealed that he managed to undo the bug, and suggested others do so as well to avoid a ban. “Okay i got it again and removed the heirloom, I would do the same if you got the glitch, you don’t want a silly lil ban.”

As many pointed out, it’s not worth risking your entire account being banned over a glitched Heirloom, as it’s likely EA will take some sort of action. So, it’s probably best to not do it yourself.

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