Apex Legends Broken Moon map glitch completely breaks Octane’s Jump Pad

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During a match on the new Broken Moon map, an Apex Legends player discovered a glitch that breaks Octane’s jump pad.

Developer Respawn Entertainment unleashed Season 15 of Apex Legends last week, inviting players to take part in a whole host of fresh content.

The latest seasonal update added the aforementioned Broken Moon map and Catalyst as a playable character. It also brought cosmetic sticker items into the mix, specifically for healing items. As of now, however, the high costs of sticker packs have left a bad taste in the mouths of many players.

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Several bugs have also plagued Season 15 since its launch, with issues ranging from sound errors to premature heirloom unlocks.

Apex Legends fan finds Broken Moon glitch at the worst time

In a post on Reddit, Ok-Chocolate-5313 shared footage of a disappointing discovery in Apex Legends. It seems that due to a bug, Octane’s Jump Pad won’t function properly on the Broken Moon map.

This issue as demonstrated in the video specifically takes place on a set of stairs. As such, it’s presently unclear if the glitch applies to the Jump Pad’s’ placement on, say, a flat surface.

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What really ruffled the Redditor’s feathers was the way in which they learned about Apex Legends’ Broken Moon glitch – by getting killed a few seconds later.

Not everyone in the Reddit thread is sympathetic to their plight, though. One person argued the player shouldn’t have stood still after realizing the Jump Pad wouldn’t work.

The original poster attributed this to the act of managing their recording settings, which explains why Octane’s Heat Shield randomly activates near the end – tabbing out also launches Heat Shield.

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Specifics aside, this is one Reddit PSA that Octane mains will want to consider next time they’re running around Apex’s Broken Moon locale.

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