Apex Legends Season 11 concept puts every Legend in beach gear skins

Respawn Entertainment

A fan-made concept board depicts every character in Apex Legends donning their best beach gear ahead of the tropical Season 11: Escape release. 

The upcoming chapter is launching in early November and fans are hard at work speculating about what the new summer-retreat theme could look like. It wasn’t long after Respawn released a trailer for the new Tropic Island map that a user on the Apex subreddit resurrected their idea for skins that are now in line with the battle royale.

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Whether it’s a Mermaid skin for Valkyrie or a Cruise Ship Captain skin for Horizon, the entire concept perfectly captures the summer theme, inviting fans to fully imagine the potential of a season-long beach getaway

Apex Legends swimsuit skins fan concept

From Fuse’s shark arm to Gibraltar’s boogie board, there’s not much left unexplored in these skins. Even Revenant sees an aquatic reimagining with a diver’s helmet that makes him look suspiciously like Pathfinder.

The artist added some flippers and a shark head to Octane’s design. The change transforms the Adrenaline Junkie into a fierce predator perfectly suited for the new tropical map.

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This concept comes ready-made for release too, even including a hypothetical limited-time collectible Nessie weapon charm to match the nautical theme. As impressive as each of these little details are, the weapons might be the crown gem of the entire set.

Apex Summer-themed weapon skins concept

Individual fan concept weapon skins for Apex Legends. They include the Volt, Alternator, P2020 and more. nobletwelvexp
These concepts are a beautiful touch on a water-themed Apex Legend season.

Each weapon gets an overhaul to match the vibe of modern water guns which often feature over-the-top designs and impressively complicated names. The Charge Rifle’s “Cyclone AquaStrike v9” is a perfect representation of the concept. Seamlessly blending the Nerf-inspired design with the threat for one of Apex’s highest impact weapons.

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Another small detail that sells the whole piece is the inclusion of water jugs in place of magazines. While this would be complicated to actually implement into the game, the idea helps tie the entire theme together.

It’s a shame that these won’t actually be in the game but we’re sure to see a variety of new skins to drool over when Season 11 Escape arrives early next month.