Apex Legends promises changes for colorblind players

Crypto scanning in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends devs Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that they’ll be looking into more changes to the colorblind settings after players voiced their concerns about how they currently work.

Aside from the brand new legends, map changes, new weapons, and more, each Apex Legends update usually comes with quite a few quality of life changes too.

These smaller updates can make a big difference to players, and have, in the past, included things like making the image of an item easier to see or even updating the lighting in certain buildings so players can’t hide in the shadows.

One change that players have constantly been pushing for, though, revolves around the colorblind setting in Apex. Respawn have been asking for feedback from the get-go, and it looks like more changes are coming.

There have been plenty of quality of life changes made in Apex.

Apex Legends fan TootTheRoot flagged a potential change to Crypto’s drone. Currently, when the drone scans another player, the show up as red on the screen. however, as the Redditor pointed out, that can be quite difficult for colorblind players like themself.

TootTheRoot suggested changing the color from red, to the color that the colorblind setting currently shows when you aim in with a digi-threat scope attached to a weapon. Ultimately, the suggestion attracted the attention of Respawn.

Jason Garza, Respawn’s community coordinator, responded and said it would be passed on.”We’re always looking for this type of feedback so yes, 100% agree this should get updated. I’ll share this with the team and see if can do something about this,” they commented.

The change would be a big boost to colorblind players, as the current color set can prevent them from playing as Crypto and Bloodhound, which is a hindrance given how powerful the latter is currently.

As for when we might see these changes in-game, Season 9 isn’t all that far away but it probably won’t ship as a part of that. It’ll likely come later down the line, but at least Respawn are addressing it.