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Game-breaking Apex Legends bug is making enemies invisible

Published: 13/Aug/2021 17:39 Updated: 13/Aug/2021 17:40

by Sam Comrie


Apex Legends Season 10 is enjoying a newfound wave of praise. For some players, it hasn’t been without its issues. 

Season 10 of Apex Legends has been a frenzied adventure so far. Pitting players against each other with overpowered Legends and questionable weapon nerfs, fans are still flocking over to Respawn’s powerhouse battle royale.

Even with some hurdles along the way, Apex Legends has still managed to appease its fanbase with swift updates and transparent communication from the devs. Unfortunately, some glitches appear in the darkest hour. 

This competitive player learned first-hand that sometimes seeing really is believing. 

Struggling to see the positives

PVPX isn’t a stranger to winning challenging Apex gunfights, dispatching enemies faster than Amazon’s finest. Taking on what apparently seems to be multiple rivals, a game-breaking bug is making enemies invisible. The competitive player first noted the issue over a year ago, claiming “this has been a serious problem since release.” Despite the devs ironing it out multiple times, the issue remains the same. 


While it doesn’t appear that a specific problem is causing the game-ruining issue, it is odd that it continues to appear. Understandably, as the game continues to be updated and parameters with the engine change, certain difficulties are always going to arise. 

Thankfully, the dev support team at Respawn are already looking into the matter. Tagging them in hopes of fixing the issue, their reply was simple yet prompt, noting that it’s already being looked at.

This same resilience and positive attitude to audience interaction has been present over the last few weeks, as players made their grievances vocal in regards to the overpowered Seer legend. Respawn have confirmed fixes to the Legend are on the way. 


We’re sure a concrete confirmation of the fix will be noted soon. Before that happens, watch your six.