How to counter third-parties in Apex Legends

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Third-partying will always be an issue in Apex Legends, but what steps can you take to counter it and stop it from happening in your matches? Here’s some tips to avoid getting targeted by another team.

Dying to a third party in Apex Legends will always be a frustrating experience, especially if it feels like it seems to happen in every single one of your matches.

The problem is arguably worse since Season 10, with the new Legend Seer being able to detect enemies from 75m away.

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While there’s no way to completely stop third parties from intruding in your gunfights, there are a number of steps you can take to counter pesky teams that decide to turn up uninvited.

A lot of the tips are relatively simple, but they’re all key and important if you want to reduce your chance of dying to a rogue third-party squad.

1. Communication is key

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Make sure you’re only communicating key information to your teammates.

Although it’s likely you’ve heard how important communication is before, it’s absolutely essential when it comes to dealing with a third party.

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Whether you think it’s best to stay in the skirmish or back off so the other two squads can fight it out, none of it matters unless you and your teammates are on the same page.

Remember, keep communication concise and make sure what you’re saying is important. While outlining everything that’s going on can be positive, it can also confuse your teammates and drown out comms.

The most significant calls will always be the location and health of an enemy Legend, this will give your squadmates opportunities to pick off opponents and hopefully, take down the third party.

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2. Don’t always stay in the fight

Apex Legends escapeRespawn Entertainment
You don’t always have to stay and fight the third party.

When a third-party squad shows up, a lot of players take the route of staying in the skirmish and attempting to fight both sets of enemies. However, this isn’t always the best decision and can often result in immediate elimination from the match.

Sometimes, a great strategy can be to escape the chaos of the third party and let the squad from your initial gunfight take the brunt of the damage.

Looping to a different position following this retreat can be an effective tactic, and allow you to capitalize on the weakened members of the fighting squads.

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Of course, this won’t always be a possibility, but keep in mind that falling back and re-positioning is always an option, so use it!

3. Prepare armor swaps from deathboxes

Armor swap Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Armor swaps can save valuable seconds in a gunfight.

Presuming you’ve killed a few members of the initial squad, it’s key you pull out their armor from the deathboxes and lay it on the ground.

This will make it easier for you to restore your armor once the third party pushes aggressively, and will save you valuable seconds that can be used to maximize your damage.

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If you know a third party is closing in on your position, this is a must-use tip that is guaranteed to help you come out on top and thwart their attack.

4. Avoid bottleneck and dead-end locations on the map

Positioning Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Avoiding bottle-necks and dead ends will allow you to escape third parties.

Positioning will always be a key skill in Apex Legends, especially when navigating the final few circles.

This is no different when trying to prevent third parties, as taking a gunfight in a dead-end or bottleneck could result in you being trapped, making it impossible to escape.

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As mentioned above, it’s always great to have the option to retreat from a third-party attack, and re-appear in a more advantageous position.

However, in certain areas of each of the maps, this isn’t possible and will result in the third party easily wiping both you and the squad you were initially fighting. Avoid these places, and make sure you have an escape route in mind. If you have an Octane or Pathfinder on your team, use their Ultimates for the quick escape.

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So, there you have it, there are a few tips you can take into your Apex matches to combat third-party squads.

While no trick will ever solve the problem completely, there are certain tactics you can use to increase your chances of coming out on top.

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