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Apex Legends pro Albralelie claims the Hemlok “smacks” after Season 10 buffs

Published: 25/Sep/2021 8:20 Updated: 25/Sep/2021 8:12

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Apex Legends pro Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith is having a field day with the Hemlok after it was buffed in Season 10, and he believes the changes make it more in line with how it used to be – strong and reliable.

Apex Legends Season 10 is drawing closer to its end. Season 11 is around the corner, and it’s set to shake things up with the new Tropics map, a new legend (which could be either Ash or Maali), and a whole lot more.

It’s not expected to release until sometime in November. But in the meantime, the Evolution Collection event patch is keeping players busy. Not only did it introduce some new features, but it also tweaked the weapon meta.


The Hemlok was one of the weapons to benefit the most from the patch. It received a nice buff in the form of reduced hipfire spread at a slightly faster rate, and Albralelie claims he’s “smacking” lobbies with it.

Apex Legends Hemlok spray pattern recoil
Erock, YouTube
The Hemlok was buffed in Apex Legends Season 10.

“The Hemlok was smacking,” he said while reflecting on a round that had just finished. He popped off so hard with it, he was even accused of hacking. But he laughed off those claims and explained why it’s so good.

“The buff made it really good. The hip fire is crazy. It’s like the old Hemlok. People get in my face, and it’s like I have two shotguns, essentially. In the mid-range, like, it thrives.”


In December 2020, the Apex Legends community called for the Hemlok to be nerfed, and the developers listened.

Albralelie believes it’s good enough to be considered a first-choice weapon again. However, only time will tell whether other players are convinced.