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Apex Legends players want another healer Legend so much they’ve built one for Respawn

Published: 24/Sep/2021 21:16 Updated: 25/Sep/2021 18:47

by Jaret Kappelman


Apex Legends players are constantly thinking of new ways to integrated legends into the game. Players desperately want a new support character so they took the initiative and created their own. 

The game currently has 18 different characters that players can pick to create the best possible comp.

While each legend brings something different to the table there are many that can do similar things. Out of the 18 that are in the game only Lifeline is based around supporting the team.

With a new season on the horizon and plenty of opportunities to add a new character, the community has a perfect idea for a new healing legend.


apex legends season 9 lifeline
Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline is the only support character in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends community develops support-focused legend

While Lifeline is the only character that really supports a whole team, players are eager to have another one added to the game.

In this Reddit post by ‘WithAOwlMask’ they propose a new legend that is specifically focused on healing and being a support for their team.

We need a new Support Legend focused solely on Heals Life Line is all we got we need another to help. from apexlegends

The abilities for this support based character are listed below:

  • Passive ability: Interact with already used respawn beacons to reactive them. Revive and respawn teammates 15% faster.
  • Tactical Ability: Aim at a teammate and pres Q to instantly give them 25 shield. Cost 1 Shield Cell to use. 6 second cooldown.
  • Ultimate Ability: 75% of the healing you receive for items is also given to your teammates for the next 20 seconds. Tactical cannot be used while the effect is active.  

After seeing the abilities it is obvious that this would be more of a support than Lifeline currently is. This kit could be extremely useful, especially when getting third partied by another team.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Legends Bloodhound Seer Rampart
Seer was the latest Legend added to the game with Season 10.

The community seemed to be on board with this idea. One person said, “This is actually one of the best new ability ideas I’ve seen in this sub.” While some think it may be a little overtuned it hits the main point for being a medic.


While there have been hints of the names for the next Apex Legends characters their exact kits remain unknown. Even though it’s unlikely fans would love to see Respawn Entertainment take a community idea and make it playable in-game.