Apex Legends pro Ace schools opponent with acrobatic kill

Alan Bernal

Apex Legends pro Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn completely lost his opponent in game after showing off insane movement techniques to net him a swift squad elimination.

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale isn’t like a lot of games in its genre, as it incorporates a vast array of mechanics for how players can move through a battle. While sliding and wall climbing are the most prevalent, there are some hidden techniques that pros can use on a dime.

By not only mastering, but also mixing up their movement, the more skilled Apex Legends players can use an entire arsenal of acrobatics to easily take down vulnerable players in the Apex Games.

Apex LegendsWith some creativity, Apex Legends players can pull off some insane moves.

During his September 2 stream, Ace was hunting down one of the last squads in his match when he decided to style on the last remaining player in that team.

But the lead up to the elimination saw Ace effortlessly scale a building to recharge his shields, before going back to a downed enemy, predicting that their teammate would rush to pick them up.

With two of the three foes down, Ace saw the last foe before turning to draw out their fire.

Getting chased down by a barrage of bullets which brought down his shields to less than 25%, the pro knew the enemy Caustic would soon chase through the alleyway to push their advantage.

Not one to be easy prey, however, Ace ran out to confront the approaching hostile but at the last moment tricked both opponent and audiences alike with an insane wall jump.

Ace kept his composure while running into a hail of gunfire from the close-quarter Caustic to essentially do a 180-degree turn from the start of his leap to when he landed.

The maneuver completely threw Caustic out of whack, which can be seen by the errant gunfire when they finally realized where they were now being shot from.

NRG’s pro was able to make quick work out of the final enemy down the stretch with his aim. But the clip is a great reminder for players to iron out their movement techniques so that they could net easy eliminations in Apex Legends.