The Finals player shows off “10/10” explosive tech movement

John Esposito
The Finals player shows off "10/10" explosive tech movement

The Finals rewards players for their quick thinking and explosive plays, with one player sharing their explosive strat to closing distances in seconds.

Embark Studios has seemingly found the winning FPS formula with The Finals, as veteran developers from Battlefield assembled to create this game show-inspired shooter.

The Finals is structured to reward team play and coordination, as teams compete to win each round and eventually the match itself. That said, it exceptionally rewards those who think outside the box, as seen with the notorious C4 meta or via incredible destruction mechanics resulting in neat outplays.

In the spirit of rewarding player discovery, one player showed off their simple yet clever movement strategy you might start seeing in your lobbies very soon.

The Finals character crouching down

The Finals player shares explosive rocket ride tech

Shared to the game’s subreddit, The Finals player ThatGuyDes showed another function for the explosive canisters in-game.

Standing on the edge of a canister, if you shoot it a few times, you can get it to launch like a firework. With that knowledge in mind, the player rode the canister to reposition next to a distant enemy, before downing them.

This isn’t the first time a player shared their secret movement techniques. A few weeks ago, one player managed to fly in The Finals.

Movement techniques in-game are somewhat of a divisive topic. For example, looking at games like Warzone and Apex Legends, “movement players” don’t have the greatest reputation. One player jokingly replied: “Look I’m just trying to have fun in a new FPS can ya’ll chill lol.”

As clarified by the comments, this tech doesn’t work with melee, as it’ll set off the canister, and probably cause some damage at the same time.

Given the game is still in its relative infancy, expect more creative ways to sprout up, as players look for any edge they can get to win in The Finals.