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Apex Legends players want level 500 cap replaced with beloved Titanfall 2 feature

Published: 29/Oct/2021 3:19 Updated: 29/Oct/2021 3:20

by Jaret Kappelman


Apex Legends players want the current level 500 cap removed and replaced with Titanfall 2’s beloved regeneration feature. 

Apex Legends has been out since 2019 and players have been grinding the game for quite some time. Most people who have been playing the game every day have reached the game’s max level of 500 but can’t continue to earn extra rewards.

While players continue to earn wasted XP, the community has suggested adding a system that works similar to another Respawn Entertainment game, Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends level cap Titanfall 2
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players want Titanfall 2’s prestige system added to reset levels and earn rewards.

Apex Legends players want level cap replaced with Titanfall feature 

In Apex Legends, you earn certain rewards for leveling up. You earn Apex Packs and Legend Tokens that can be spent on new characters and cosmetics.


Despite this a Redditor, ‘CastAway4367’ has proposed that Respawn Entertainment implement a regeneration system that can allow players to still have things to grind for after reaching level 500.

A regeneration system should replace the level cap. Suggestion from apexlegends

This would mirror a system in Respawn’s Titanfall 2, as in that game players who reach the level cap then have 10 prestige levels, known as Regeneration, to complete.

The prestige system resets their level but allows them to earn experience at a faster rate and get exclusive rewards.

Apex Legends Store
Respawn Entertainment
Players want to be able to earn more packs and tokens to spend on cosmetics.

If put into Apex Legends, this would allow players to reset to level 1 but they now would be able to earn more Apex Packs and Legend Tokens to spend in the store. Another user suggested Respawn could even profit off of this system


“I’d pay $30 per gen if it meant more apex packs could be unlocked. I enjoy playing the game and wouldn’t mind supporting it. Should be like 60 or more packs per gen though,” the Redditor said.

While it is unknown if a prestige system will be added in Season 11 or the future, it is something Respawn has done in their other games and could possibly be simple to add to Apex Legends.