Apex Legends players share buff ideas to “fix” Wattson in Season 11

Wattson Apex Legends Season 10 RespawnRespawn Entertainment

A host of Apex Legends players have floated their buff concepts for electrifying character Wattson, as the Static Defender continues to prompt discussion in Season 10: Emergence. 

Despite Respawn’s long-term insistence of Wattson’s viability in Apex Legends, players remain less than convinced. Mains of the Static Defender in particular have been critical of Respawn for failing to buff her meaningfully, arguing she is falling behind a number of the game’s characters.

That has not changed into Season 10, with plenty of the game’s community viewing Wattson as one of the most ineffectual legends.

Naturally, then, players have been floating their ideas of how Respawn can buff her.

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Wattson Apex Legends AbilitiesEA
Wattson’s current abilities in Apex Legends.

The discussion was prompted by Redditor ‘Medium-Natural-638‘, who asked how players would ‘fix’ Wattson.

Suggestions varied, but one popular response was to reduce the visibility of her fences, making them easier for unsuspecting enemies to walk into. Ch4osTh3ory said: “Maybe decrease the ability to see her fence as much, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve ran into her fence.”

Another common idea was to allow Wattson to place her fences from a much further distance, meaning she’d be more comparable to Caustic. lemmebrowsebro said: “One thing I don’t see suggested often is the range, I’d love to see Watson being able to place fences from a farther distance which would help a lot making her viable and comparable to Caustic. And obviously the cooldown is one of the biggest problems so a much reduced cooldown.”

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The latter suggestion of a reduced cooldown – essentially meaning she’d be able to place them far more frequently – was also a very popular idea.

Another common idea, rather unsurprisingly, was to simply give her more fences.

It’s not clear how Respawn will look to buff Wattson – if they look to buff her at all. They have stressed time and time again how much data is taken into account when considering buffs and nerfs, so fan opinion alone may not be enough to force changes through.

Her pick rate is undeniably poor though, sitting at 1.5% according to apexlegendsstatus. That’s the joint worst in the game, alongside Crypto. Perhaps we’ll see them both strengthened when Season 11 drops in November.

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