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Top 10 most viewed Apex Legends Twitch streamers: December 2021

Published: 21/Jan/2022 0:50 Updated: 21/Jan/2022 0:51

by Bill Cooney


December was another big month for Apex Legends on Twitch, with some tournaments and plenty of streamers still enjoying the brand new content that Season 11 had to offer.

A lot of streamers on Twitch have stuck around to play Apex Legends in December after switching from Warzone and other games. That, alongside the regular top Apex streamers kept the game well within the top 10 most-watched games for the entire month.

But who was the best? Here were the most-viewed Apex streamers on Twitch in December 2021.

Most watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers (December 2021)

At first with the most hours watched was NICKMERCS, who only recently began streaming Apex Legends after community frustration about Warzone.


TSM_ImperialHal, Tfue and ShivFPS weren’t far behind though, and even new faces on this list like Diego made an appearance.

Here’s the full top 10 according to SullyGnome including the number of hours streamed, viewing hours, and peak viewers:

Streamer Watch Time Stream Time Peak Viewers
NICKMERCS 3,144,278 hours 137 hours 46,573
TSM_ImperialHal 2,415,866 hours 129 hours 62,999
Tfue 1,459,648 hours 174 hours 20,161
ShivFPS 1,225,088 hours 186 hours 11,916
Diegosaurs 1,052,012 hours 174 hours 9,565
aceu 940,017 hours  58 hours 26,5328
Dropped 836,354 hours 233 hours 7,142
sweetdreams 826,984 hours 120 hours 13,509
iiTzTimmy 752,708 hours 71 hours 32,488
NiceWigg 666,772 hours 183 hours 25,409

Aceu managed the enter the top 10 even though he only streamed for 58 hours in December. This goes to show how much of a stable audience he currently has on Twitch.

Tfue, who has been streaming Apex Legends consistently since Season 10, also managed crack the top 10 with 174 hours streamed.

Ash in Apex Legends next to NICKMERCS
Respawn / Twitch: NICKMERCS
NICKMERCS earned the most watch time for Apex Legends on Twitch in the month of December.

Previous top Apex Legends streamers

Most watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers (November ’21)

Streamer Watch Time Stream Time Peak Viewers
NICKMERCS 4,801,335 hours 202 hours 38,898
TSM_ImperialHal 3,057,483 hours 197 hours 68,817
Diegosaurs 1,851,768 hours 340 hours 9,810
ShivFPS 1,409,147 hours 171 hours 17,724
Tfue 1,325,917 hours 186 hours 14,405
sweetdreams 1,139,150 hours 159 hours 22,536
aceu 984,524 hours 51 hours 34,381
stylishnoob4 801,546 hours 40 hours 35,400
Euriece 731,005 hours 259 hours 24,677
Rogue 681,779 hours 186 hours 10,349

Stay tuned to find out who the most-watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers are in January 2022.


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