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Top 10 most viewed Apex Legends Twitch streamers: August 2021

Published: 6/Sep/2021 19:52 Updated: 7/Sep/2021 11:42

by Bill Cooney


Apex Legends is seeing yet another renaissance on Twitch as big-name streamers have flocked from games like Warzone to drop into Respawn’s battle royale. It’s one of the most popular games on the site, but that begs the question… who’s been its biggest streamer?

Like we mentioned, some of the top Warzone streamers on Twitch switched to playing Apex in August, and even at the beginning of the month their viewer numbers had started to shoot up.

Creators like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman had no problem at all with the move from one game to another, and probably by simply playing the game xQc also makes the list.


In fact, in Tim’s last month on Twitch, he not only managed to be the top Warzone streamer on the site but also break into the top five for Apex as well. Not bad at all.

Most watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers (August)

Dominating in hours watched was NICKMERCS, who officially stopped playing Warzone on stream in August.

As a result, he’s spent a lot more time in Apex Legends, and the numbers show it. Here’s the full top 10 including the number of hours streamed, viewing hours and peak viewers:

Streamer Watch Time Stream Time Peak Viewers
NICKMERCS 9,704,358 hours 195 hours 79,589
iiTzTimmy 4,140,091 hours 172 hours 132,004
Tfue 3,263,550 hours 167 hours 42,242
xQc 3,012,911 hours 50 hours 102,676
TimTheTatman 2,379,719 hours 50 hours 139,020
TSM_ImperialHal 2,095,549 hours 128 hours 32,276
ShivFPS 1,794,476 hours 211 hours 32,870
fps_shaka 1,570,272 hours 74 hours 56,768
stylishnoob4 1,360,756 hours 71 hours 78,777
cloakzy 1,332,324 hours 134 hours 26,571

Nick has been putting in the work in Apex as well, with 195 hours streamed in August according to SullyGnome. This, and his total hours watched helped him rise above the likes of xQc, iiTzTimmy, and Tfue to take the top spot for August.


Just missing out on the top 10 are streamers like SPYGEA, daltoosh, and NiceWigg, but this ranking is just a number, and they’re still racking up hundreds of thousands of hours themselves.

Nickmercs streaming
Nick crushed the Apex streaming game in August.

With TimTheTatman leaving for YouTube at the end of August, we know at least one spot on the top 10 list will be up for grabs next month and going forward. There are plenty of Apex streamers waiting in the wings, all that remains to be seen is who will manage to break into the top tier number-wise.

Make sure to check back in for the full September list at the end of the month.