Apex Legends bug makes players immune to damage on Tridents

Brianna Reeves
apex legends tridents

In the newest season of Apex Legends, players have noticed that some people are immune to damage while riding Tridents.

Tridents were added to Apex alongside the launch of Season 7: Ascension and served as the shooter’s first rideable vehicles.

While they have the capacity to seat entire squads, Tridents aren’t necessarily the answer to dominating in a match. After all, the vehicle lacks its own weapons and will not damage enemies if a player runs them over.

Even more interesting is that damage dealt by players has no effect on Apex Legends’ hovercraft. Instead, damage gets evenly distributed between all inside the vehicle at the time of impact. A new bug may prevent this part of the equation from working as intended, though.

Apex Legends glitch impacts damage dealt to players in Tridents

Twitter user Selen Tatsuki noticed that Apex users riding in Tridents no longer take damage, presumably due to a bug.

The players shared footage of their findings in a 10-second clip, which shows players in a Trident being immune to an onslaught of gunfire from a distance and at close range.


Taking the Tridents glitch and other issues into consideration, Apex Legends players agree that something is indeed up with Season 17, which launched in early May.

“This season is pretty awful. Hopefully, they fix everything next season,” wrote one person in response to the above social media post. Someone else replied, “Caustic mains are about to have a fun time with this bug.”

It’s currently unknown if Respawn is aware of the bug, but here’s to hoping a fix goes live sooner rather than later.

Players also patiently await news about Apex Legends Season 18, which is expected to go live on August 8. Leaks suggest a new Legend named Conduit will join the fray, though Respawn has yet to confirm as much.