Hilarious Apex Legends bug giving characters wrong abilities returns

Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A bizarre bug has returned to Apex Legends that gives characters the wrong abilities, despite having a completely different model in-game.

The first thing any Apex Legends player does after queueing up for a match is choose their character in the Legend select screen.

While normally this process goes smoothly, some of the community have been experiencing some strange issues once they land from the dropship and test out their abilities in Season 15.

Despite locking in their chosen character, a bug is causing them to have another legend’s Tactical and Ultimate.

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While this is hilarious in pubs, it can be extremely frustrating in Ranked, especially considering a lot of players thought this longstanding glitch had been fixed.

Loba Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 16 is scheduled to go live in February.

Infamous wrong ability bug returns to Apex Legends

After jumping into a Ranked match and locking in Loba, Reddit user gwefysmefys quickly realized that they had Wraith’s abilities.

Although their character model was still Loba in-game, the Translocating Theif had access to Wraith’s invulnerability and her portal.

While this bug is rare, it’s been a long-standing issue in Apex since 2019, and a lot of players assumed the glitch had been fixed.

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This is clearly not the case, and while it doesn’t provide any meaningful advantages or drawbacks, it can be frustrating not being able to use the abilities you chose.

As this bug has been a problem in Apex for such a long time, it’s safe to assume Respawn has struggled to find a solution.

However, as it doesn’t occur very often, it’s unlikely to affect you in your matches. Either way, if you see a Loba using Wraith’s abilities or a Caustic throwing down a Bangalore smoke, at least won’t be left speechless and wondering what’s going on.

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