Apex Legends players claim Wraith is totally “broken” because of hit reg issues

. 14 days ago
Wraith in Apex Legends with white and black skin

Apex Legends believe Wraith has become totally “broken” due to the ongoing hit reg issues in Season 13, with some demanding that Respawn steps in and address things. 

Over the last few seasons, Apex players have run into a number of issues that are out of their control – with servers continually lagging, DDoS attacks ruining lobbies altogether, and even running into the occasional hacker.

Season 13 has addressed a few of these issues, but there have been a few new problems cropping up too. Mainly, over the last few weeks, players have been left flabbergasted by hit reg issues that make their bullets go through an enemy without causing damage – even if it looks like it has registered with blood splatter.

These problems aren’t just limited to one hero, but it seems as if Wraith is causing the biggest headache of them all, with players claiming she is “incredibly broken” right now.

Wraith hit-reg Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The hit reg issues became prominent again at the start of Season 13.

While these hit reg issues can pop up at random, a number of Apex fans across social media have pointed to the fact that Wraith can sort of make it happen on demand by using her tactical.

“How is a full mag + more of non-registered hits even possible? Shouldn’t stuff like this be prioritized over new skins and other miscellaneous stuff?” asked Redditor bevinkroman. “Seems to be happening a lot to me regardless of which legend but definitely most prominent with Wraiths,” they added.

Other players noted that they’ve also suffered more with the issues when going after enemies Wraiths. “It is bound to happen with the most picked legend,” added one. “It happens the most to me with Wraith, but also happens with every other legend really often.”

The problem has led to players calling on Repsawn to fix things during the Awakening Collection event. Though, the issue does not make it into the initial patch notes.

Two issues with Wraith’s portals will be addressed right off the bat, but for this issue – while Respawn is aware of it – we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

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