Apex Legends players demand nerfs for “OP” Valkyrie ultimate

Valkyrie flying in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn Entertainment to nerf Valkyrie, well, her ultimate at least as they believe it is far too “OP” when stacked up against others. 

When Valkyrie was first introduced to Apex Legends back in Season 9, she had the typical burst in popularity, but quickly fell away in terms of usage.

However, over the last few seasons, the Winged Avenger has become an integral part of the meta. Whether you’re playing games yourself in casual or Ranked, or watching the pros compete in the ALGS, you’re going to see many trios running Valk because of how she allows them to get out of dodge and rotate positions easily.

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That ability to rotate quickly comes thanks to her Skyward Dive ultimate, which also allows her to see enemy positions – provided they’re in her line of sight. While players have called for Valk to get an overall nerf over the last few seasons, they’re really honing in on her Ultimate this time around.

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Valkyrie was added to Apex Legends back in Season 9.

On June 18, Redditor Barneyfnaf reignited calls for a Valkyrie nerf, claiming that she has become too “OP” and is making the battle royale “completely unfun” given how easily she can run away and get information.

“Why is a legend able to stun enemies behind cover, push on them in the air, and then leave a location on a free, super-fast jump tower that scans where people are,” they said, with plenty of players quickly agreeing and urging Respawn to take her under the knife with some changes – especially to the cooldown time on her dive.

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“Her ult needs a cooldown nerf desperately tbh,” agreed one fan. “They should give her the longest ult cooldown in the game. Everything else seems fine in my opinion,” added another. “I think the best thing they could do is increase the cooldown of her ult to somewhere between 4-5 mins. And remove her ability to scan beacons,” commented another.

While some players want to see her changed, they don’t want Respawn to go overboard and turn her into an “unfun” legend that is useless within the game.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will take the communities feedback on board and take a look at tweaking Valkyrie in some way.

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