Apex Legends players call for Season 15 nerf to Seer’s “broken” Passive

seer in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are calling on the developers to re-configure Seer’s Passive ability, with many claiming it is “broken” and too strong ahead of Season 15.

With the arrival of every Apex Legends Season, many of our favorite Legends are tweaked, for better or worse.

Before new features and more arrive in Season 15, many players are calling for Legends like Seer to have a noticeable way of detecting if their Passive ability has been used.

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Currently, Seer’s Heart Seeker Passive doesn’t alert enemy players when they are detected, but changes to adjust this are in demand from the game’s player-base.

Apex Legends players divided over Seer’s Passive ability in Season 14

Redditor silentsnooc has banded together with other players, feeling Seer’s Passive needs to be noticeable in-game. They claim that Seer “gives you basically a free wallhack which is not even revealed to those players who are being detected.”

Seer’s Passive allows players to visualize and hear nearby enemy heartbeats while aiming down sights. While useful for the player using the Legend, opponents are unable to counter this and have no way of knowing definitively if they’re being targeted.

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Comparatively, Bloodhound’s Ultimate is much easier to detect when it is being used against you.

“Seer’s passive ability should be in some way revealing,” explained the Redditor. “Make him breathe louder so we can hear him as far as he can see us. Make him glow through walls or at least give me an icon that lets me know if a Seer has detected me and maybe, at least, how far away they are.”

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Though the Redditor may have good intentions, naturally, other players aren’t fully on board with their ideas.

In regards to Seer’s breathing gaining a volume increase, one player said: “Not going to lie, I laughed out loud at this.”

“Jokes aside, the last thing I need in this game is someone heavily breathing in my ears lol,” said another. Nevertheless, there have been suggestions on how Respawn could reign in this divisive ability.

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“Seer’s thing is that he uses micro-drones to detect people, so they should run with that and have some fly about in your vision when he is able to detect you with the passive,” added WhoMD21.

Another said that “if they keep his broken AF passive, it needs a counter. Have it unable to sense anyone crouched. That would then make Bloodhound serve a purpose again.”

With a new Season on the way, it is likely that our rosters of Legends will change again, though it remains to be seen whether Seer will receive further nerfs.

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