Apex Legends player unveils perfect Revenant rework as pick rate plummets

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Apex Legends players have outlined the perfect rework that would put Revenant back in the meta again for Season 16.

The Apex Legends community has been calling on the devs for a long-overdue Revenant rework for a while now.

The Legend’s popularity has continued to plumment in Season 15, with Revenant currently sitting with an underwhelming 2.1% pick rate.

Meanwhile, the Respawn devs have remained tight-lipped on what’s to come for the Legend. However, players are once more suggesting changes, with one fan outlining their perfect rework that they think would put the Legend back in the meta.

Apex Legends fan proposes perfect Revenant rework

In a February 11 Reddit thread, Revenant main ‘garmack’ outlined a rework for the struggling Legend. The player first noted that Revenant’s ultimate ability Death Totem is impossible to balance, adding that the ability has to be countered in some way.

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The Revenant main explained that the Totem itself is the issue, where it was proposed that instead of activating his ultimate through the Totem, you would simply activate it on the spot like a Bloodhound ultimate.

Furthermore, the player added that the ultimate feels “unrewarding,” and suggested making it a solo ability rather than a team ability — noting that adding a 30% speed boost would help Revenant close gaps.

Finally, the player suggested that Revenant receives the fortified passive, which would give the Legend “breathing room” when he splits off from his team and allow him to tank a bit of extra damage.

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Many believe these changes are exactly what Revenant needs in order to thrive in the role of a strong flanker and infiltrator.

While some were concerned about how the changes would impact the Legend as a team player, the Revenant main explained how the new class and perk system being released in Season 16 still allows the Legend to contribute to his team.