Apex Legends player shows off hilarious “PS1 Edition” graphics glitch

apex legends rampart ps1 headerRespawn Entertainment / Sony

An Apex Legends player has shown off a hilarious graphical glitch on the PS5 version of the game that made in-game models “PS1 Edition.”

While the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Apex Legends run better than ever on console, the next-gen console versions – unfortunately – don’t protect the game from bizarre glitches.

Additionally, Season 15 is no exception as players have encountered a handful of issues with things like Catalyst’s Ultimate ability and K/DR ratios displaying incorrectly for some.

Now, one player has encountered a strange graphical glitch on PS5 that turned every character model into a blocky, low-poly version of themselves.

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Apex Legends player shows “PS1 Edition” glitch

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit by user Inked_Cat showed the glitch in a video captioned “Apex Legends PS1 Edition.”

The video in question opened with a low-poly version of Rampart on the character customization screen. In place of the normal model, Rampart low-poly version featured a blocky, flat face with muddied textures across the entire model.

The Apex Legends video showed the same thing happening with other characters like Loba, who featured a similarly flat face with a splotchy texture across it. While the textures on some articles of clothing were fairly sharp, the models were largely blocky and stiff with barely any joint articulation.

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According to Inked_Cat, the glitch occurred after “Apex kept crashing on my PS5. When it restarted everything was low poly and it made for an interesting hilarious game night…”

The Apex Legends glitch persisted into both the Firing Range and regular matches. Alongside the quality of the models, many of the animations also appeared with much lower quality.

For example, one shot of Loba dropping on a location showed the Legend stuck in a mid-jump animation during the entire drop. Similarly, finisher animations did not play at all leading to Loba approaching an enemy, standing in front of them for a few seconds, followed by a deathbox appearing.

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It’s unclear whether or not the glitch remedied itself after a restart, but it’s clear that the glitch made for quite an entertaining play session regardless.