All OP Catalyst ability interactions in Apex Legends: Crypto, Vantage, Gibraltar

Catalyst Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Catalyst has some of the most unique abilities in Apex Legends, but some of them have some OP & bizarre interactions with other Legends on the roster.

Season 15 of Apex Legends is well underway and the community is getting stuck into all of the new content that arrived with the major update.

Whether it’s the long-awaited gifting feature, the impressive Broken Moon map, or the fresh sticker cosmetics, it’s safe to say Respawn didn’t hold back with Eclipse.

Despite this, it’s Catalyst that’s getting most of the attention thanks to her powerful kit that allows the Defensive Conjurer to control the pace of gunfights.

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While she’s strong on her own, players have found a number of interesting interactions when her ferrofluid is combined with other abilities, and we’ve compiled all of them below.


Catalyst Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Catalyst manipulates ferrofluid to shape her abilities.

Catalyst & Crypto combination

For starters, players have discovered that Catalyst’s Dark Veil Ultimate can be placed on top of Crypto’s drone.

This effectively makes a portion of the wall portable and can be flown around the map to distract enemies.

As showcased in Meteor_Sven’s clip above, using Crypto’s EMP while the wall is attached causes the Veil to spin frantically, making it extremely distracting for opponents.

It’s hard to know how useful this trick is just yet, but it’s certainly an interesting interaction that’s worth testing out.

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Catalyst & Vantage combination

Similar to Crypto’s interaction, popular Apex Legends YouTuber Bobz has indentified that you can also attach Catalyst’s Dark Veil to Echo as Vantage.

Flying Echo low enough will make the Ultimate placeable on her pet and it can be moved around just like the drone.

However, as an extra feature, recalling echo will make the portable wall stick to your character model as Vantage.

Both these interactions are likely bugs so it’ll be interesting to see whether Respawn prioritizes removing them from the game.

Catalyst & Gibraltar combination

Gibraltar’s interaction with Catalyst’s Ultimate is a little less exciting than the two above, but it could still prove to be useful.

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If Dark Veil is used across a Gibraltar dome, it will not puncture the shield, instead it travels over the top of it.

As showcased by Skeptation, this forms an arch way of space that remains even when the bubble has disapeared.

This also applies to Catalyst’s Tactical spikes if they’re placed on top of the dome, leaving them floating in the air forever or until they’re recalled.

So, there you have it, those are all of the OP and bizarre interactions that involve Catalyst and other characters so far.

We’ll be sure to add more to the list as players experiment with her ferrofluid in the Outlands.

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