Apex Legends player recreated the Wingman with LEGO and it’s amazing

. 8 months ago
Apex Legends player makes fully functioning Wingman out of Legos
Respawn Entertainment / Lego

An Apex Legends player has taken the game to the next level by recreating one of the most iconic weapons, the Wingman, out of LEGOs and it’s truly amazing. 

Apex Legends has tons of customizability that players can make in-game for the ultimate player experience but fans are starting to take that out of the game as well.

Respawn Entertainment’s game is constantly being taken to new heights by the community and creative things they come up with.

While we’ve seen Apex Legends-related cosplays, songs, and even a real-life loot tick this person created their own Wingman entirely out of LEGOs.

Apex Legends player makes Wingman out of LEGOs

Redditor ‘asktoby’ replicated one of Apex’s most popular weapons in the game, the Wingman. Not only is this an exact replica but it functions as well.

The gun is fully equipped with everything as if it was taken straight out of the game. One of the coolest features comes with its reloading mechanic that also takes inspiration from the BR.

The Redditor claimed to have pulled this inspiration from a YouTuber, Nick Brick. He is known for making insane things out of LEGOs such as a GameCube, guns from other games, and the Warthog from Halo.

The only thing missing from this Wingman is LEGO bullets to shoot but it doesn’t seem that those will be available anytime soon.

While this takes the LEGO theme in real life it could be cool to see Respawn Entertainment partner with the brand and implement a LEGO-style skin as Overwatch has in the past.

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