Apex Legends fan mix turns Caustic’s toxic voicelines into a major bop

Jaret Kappelman
Respawn Entertainment

Caustic is the Toxic Trapper of Apex Legends, constantly taking down enemies with poisonous gas. However, a fan has turned this character into a rapper after taking his voicelines and making a banger song. 

Apex Legends fans are constantly creating content from the game’s popular characters and putting fun twists on them.

Even though Caustic is in the bottom half of picked characters, this doesn’t prevent fans from being creative with him.

While Caustic can be quite annoying setting gas traps and showing no mercy, that doesn’t mean he lacks rhythm and flow, and this recent song shows just that.

Apex Legend fan creates a song from Caustic voicelines.
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic has a lot of voicelines and a fan has remixed them into a song.

Apex Legends fan-made Caustic song 

An Apex Legends viral TikTok is taking the community by storm, ‘barrelbushman’ took to the social media site to post their creation of a song and it’s absolutely fire.

This musical piece involves the legend Caustic and his voicelines from the game, which have been remixed to “BOP” a ‘DaBaby’ song. Below is the full song which runs just over a minute long and has some very clever word play for the former scientist.

Not only was Caustic spitting some heat but the community also noted he his great flow and rhythm throughout the song.

Fans loved this so much that they were asking for more remixes for the other characters in the game. While this is the only one that the user has posted so far, there could be more in the future after the positive response from the community.