Real-life Apex Legends loot tick is unbelievably realistic

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Sep 30, 2021
Apex Legends real-life robotic loot tick stands against white backdrop
YouTube: The3DPrintSpace

Apex Legends loot ticks are not only adorable, but contain some of the game’s best goodies. In an attempt to get lucky, a designer used a 3D printer to create a real-life walking loot tick.

Not only do Apex Legends’ adorable little loot ticks contain some of the best items in the game, they’ve become a fan favorite feature because they’re just that cute.

Associated with everything from random skin drops to the highly coveted heirlooms, the tiny triangles appear sporadically across the in-game universe, identified by the gentle ticking noise that accompanies them.

Transporting the little bundles of joy out of the Apex Games and into our real world, designer Graham Watson has built his own loot tick that lights up, ticks away, and can even walk by itself!

Apex Legends loot tick with gold and blue items
Respawn Entertainment
Ever wanted a pet loot tick? Well, this designer is the guy to ask!

Apex Legends fan creates real-life loot tick

In a YouTube video from September 28, 3D printer and engineer Graham Watson shows off his latest creation: a walking loot tick with all of the hallmarks of the virtual version.

Happily stomping away, the title little creature shuffles into frame with a little wiggle. Ready to drop some sought-after loot, the robot blinks purple before the video cuts to an up-close and personal view of the tick.

Watson notes that this is his “first time trying to design, program, and build robotics,” calling it a “huge challenge.”

Noting that he’s “happy with how it came out,” players are absolutely loving it too. Even the official Apex Legends account gave it some love.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to buy one of these for ourselves – Watson seems pretty attached to his adorable little companion – however we can watch his 3D printing journey on his YouTube channel. He’s created everything from a miniature jump pad wireless charger, to a Wingman with functioning reload mechanics.

So while we wait with bated breath for more of these (not so) little robots to hit the market, we’ll have to scrounge for them in-game.