Apex Legends physical edition: Release date, price, skins and more

Eli Becht

Apex Legends is officially making its way to retailers with two different physical versions – Lifeline and Bloodhound – and will each feature different exclusive cosmetics.

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When Apex Legends burst onto the scene in February, it did so as a free downloadable game, competing directly with Fortnite’s model.

EA has now made the decision to sell retail versions of the game for $20, possibly as a way to scoop up some holiday sales as they would make an excellent Christmas gift.

Respawn EntertainmentPhysical editions of Apex Legends are dropping in!
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Lifeline or Bloodhound?

There are two separate versions for sale that will allow players to choose between two fan-favorite characters in Lifeline or Bloodhound.

Each copy will cost the same price but will come with a different set of cosmetics. You’ll have to choose what character you like more or you have the option to drop $40 and get them both.

RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENTLifeline or Bloodhound?
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What are the contents?

Each bundle will come with 1,000 Apex Coins but the cosmetics are completely different. Each copy will come with a Legendary character and gun skin, a banner, and a badge.

For a better idea of what to expect with each edition, you can take a look at them below. The official Apex Legends Twitter account also revealed what all the cosmetics look like.

The Lifeline Edition

  • Legendary Guardian Angel Lifeline skin
  • Legendary Chooser of the Slain Flatline skin
  • Exclusive Winged Guardian Banner
  • Exclusive Angel Struck Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

The Bloodhound Edition

  • Legendary The Intimidator Bloodhound skin
  • Legendary Wrath Bringer Prowler skin
  • Exclusive Feeling Impish Banner
  • Exclusive Tormentor Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

EA (Apex Legends Twitter Account)Bloodhound and Lifeline are getting new Legendary skins.
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EA says you’ll have to choose between an angel or a demon, and that appears to be an accurate description of the two skins.

Perhaps down the road, we could end up seeing even more Legends featured in retail bundles like this.

Bloodhound has a new Legendary skin.
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When do the physical editions come out?

Apex Legends Lifeline and Bloodhound editions will hit store shelves on October 18 where they’ll be available at every major retailer.

It’s not clear if either version will come with an actual disk to pop into your console but you will be able to get a sweet looking game case out of it.

You can read the full announcement by taking a look at EA’s blog post here.

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