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Game-breaking Apex Legends exploit lets you see through walls

Published: 8/Sep/2019 10:19

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have discovered an exploit that essentially gives you a wallhack – provided you can ping the location of an enemy and have a digital threat scope to hand.

Players have flocked to Respawn Entertainment’s take on the battle royale genre as they look for something that isn’t Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


While the game has proven to be immensely popular since releasing in February, it isn’t without its faults – as players regularly uncover bugs and glitch that range from game-breaking to small annoyances. However, another issue has been found that will give players a wallhack-like ability. 

Respawn EntertainmentApex has proven to be a hugely popular battle royale title.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Lord_Spinkingham pointed out that pinging a structure with enemies on and then using a digital threat scope to locate them will let you see players through walls. 


The Redditor showcased this by showing off a gunfight between themselves and players upon a supply ship. As the video showed, Lord_Spinkingham was able to see players that had been using boxes for cover – and was even able to look through their own cover to see a perfect outline of where the enemies stood. 

So pingable structures and objects that give it an outline you can see through the map + Thermal scopes = ESP, ability to see players through walls. Kind of broken, might wanna fix that Cap! from r/apexlegends

While plenty of bugs can be a one-off instance, another poster chimed in on the video to explain that they’ve been able to pull off the same tactic with other weapons at other locations.

“Yeah, I noticed this with a rock in a match earlier, with a PK [Peacekeeper] though,” added Reddit user TorranceS33.


Members of the Apex Legends developer team are active in the subreddit, as they regularly provide updates on bugs and other issues, but it’s unknown if they have been made aware of this latest problem. 

Once it does come to their attention, though, it likely won’t take long for a fix to be in place considering that a wallhack-lite will give anyone that opts to use a massive advantage over their opponents.

Apex Legends

Wraith’s ‘Naruto’ sprint is still in Apex Legends, with a catch

Published: 10/Oct/2020 13:47

by Calum Patterson


Wraith mains everywhere were in despair when Respawn revealed the new sprint animation for the Legend, removing the iconic ‘Naruto run’ as it became known. But, it’s actually still possible to get her old animation back in Apex Legends, with the right equipment.

The devs reasoning for changing Wraith’s sprint animation was simple: it allowed them to balance the character without actually changing any of her abilities. A full explanation is given in the Aftermarket patch notes.


Instead, Wraith simply becomes an easier target to hit when sprinting, as her hit-box area becomes more exposed, as opposed to the slouched over version previously.

The downside, is that it undoubtedly loses some of the ‘character’ which Apex Legends is known for with each of it’s playable Legends. In the name of balance, an individual trait has been lost.

Apex Legends Naruto run
Respawn Entertainment
You can get the old version back, sort of, by holding a grenade.

Not completely, however. It’s been discovered that Respawn may have forgotten to apply the new animation in all scenarios for Wraith, meaning that you can actually ‘glitch’ her back into her old running stance.

And, it’s incredibly simple to do. All you need is any throwable ordinance (a frag, arc star, thermite, etc.) and then sprint.

As shown below, thanks to u/ChuxMech, Wraith once again will lean over, making her hitbox as small as possible. Of course, it’s not the complete Naruto run, as one of her arms is held forward with the nade.


Aside from just bringing back her iconic run, this may actually give you a slight advantage when making your escape. After all, Respawn themselves clearly found the difference significant enough to warrant a change in the first place.

The bad news, is that the devs are likely already aware of this workaround to get Naruto Wraith back, and their next update is expected to drop this coming week, to fix this and a number of other issues since the Aftermarket Collection event update.