Apex Legends’ bizarre Season 19 Battle Pass pre-order has fans confused

John Esposito
Apex Legends' bizarre Battle Pass pre-order has fans scratching their heads

Ahead of Apex Legends Season 19, fans have found out they can preorder the next season’s battle pass. They weren’t too sure why you’d want to pre-order a Battle Pass, but the confusion doesn’t stop there.

The end of the current season of Apex Legends is almost here, and Respawn Entertainment is ready for Season 19. The newest Legend, Conduit, will join the roster alongside Ranked changes come the launch of Ignite.

Aside from gameplay changes, new seasons always provide a battle pass to grind through, full of cosmetics to flex. The pinnacle reward of the battle pass has always been the reactive weapon skin, skins with in-game effects that evolve as a player gets kills.

Oddly enough, players have discovered you can preorder the battle pass for Season 19. Pre-ordering in-game goodies is certainly a little strange and not something many games have done, but players were even more taken aback after learning how the pre-order rewards applied to their account.

Apex Legends players can preorder Season 19 battlepass

Head over to the in-game shop, and there’s a blurb present that notifies Season 19’s battle pass can be preordered. Preordering the battle pass will grant players 50 stars (five tiers) and access to next season’s battle pass. 

Players pointed out that the 50 stars given are for the current season not for next season. This discovery raised some questions when shared to the ApexUncovered Subreddit.

“What is the point of this? I could understand it if you got a genuine extra reward/unlock but it’s literally you get current battlepass stars and nothing else? tf,” commented one user.

Another said “Do not, and I repeat, do not, preorder ANYTHING, especially from EA. This kind of stunt is usually in anticipation of it being hot dookie.” Many agreed with this sentiment, as Respawn hasn’t shown any battle pass cosmetics yet.

One thing to note, the preorder costs the same as a standard battle pass purchase. Both come out to 950 Apex Coins, but the difference is 50 stars are given for the current season.

Perhaps Respawn will change the way pre-orders work in the future, but until then, beware of this pre-order if you’re expecting the Battle Pass points to count for Season 19’s rewards.