Apex Legends to patch Arenas map glitch that lets you shoot through walls

apex legends encore wall bangRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is working on a hotfix patch to the newest Apex Legends Arenas map that came with a glitch that lets you shoot through some walls and obstacles.

The Apex Legends Monsters Within event patch update introduced a new Arenas map, Encore, set on Seer’s homeworld Boreas. Though it’s been hailed as a gorgeous entry to the rotation, it also came packaged with problematic bugs.

The Apex community has noticed that some objects on the map don’t render as they should for some players, letting people see through them and anyone that might be on the other side.

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It’s not just a visual glitch. Apex players shared clips of their gameplay that showed a constant barrage of fire that easily go through obstacles. They were likened to ‘wallbangs’ from FPS titles like Valorant and CSGO, but that’s not an intended mechanic in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Arenas Encore map bugfix

That’s when Respawn Lead Level Designer on Apex, Dave Osei, who goes by ‘StryderPilot’ on Reddit, responded to the issues and confirmed that a hotfix was on the way.

“Ugh, I’m sorry. This sucks. We should’ve caught this earlier. Working on a fix,” he said.

Video clips show the bug happening across different boxes, boulders, and walls throughout Encore.

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Additionally, a different clip shows what appears to be a glitched spot on the map where shots can’t get in or out of, regardless of how close the enemy is.

Respawn are aware of these issues and currently working on a hotfix to patch out the problems that have been affecting the Arenas map.

The Halloween update has been shaky for Respawn. Everything from the new system to unlock the Monsters Within skins to game crashes has led to angst from their players with some review bombing Apex Legends.

Respawn is working to address Apex Legends’ biggest problems which should lead to meaningful patch updates soon.

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