Apex Legends fans are review bombing game to get Respawn to address major issues

Apex Legends Seer character holding his arms upRespawn/EA

Frustrated Apex Legends players have started hitting the battle royale with plenty of mixed reviews as they try to get Respawn’s attention in hopes they address the laundry list of in-game issues. 

Apex Legends has very much cemented itself amongst the top battle royale games around, but while it’s a hit, that doesn’t make everything all bright and rosy.

In recent weeks, players have been complaining about a lengthy list of issues, including constant server lag, game crashes, and longstanding bugs making a return – mainly the random character change upon respawn and lack of audio.

Fans of Respawn’s battle royale have taken to social media to plead with the devs to make changes, which is slightly difficult as they’re working on the new season. So, they’ve watched up their campaign and started targeting the game’s reviews.

Apex Legends Bangalore Knife Heirloom FinalRespawn Entertainment
The Apex community is up in arms about the game’s continued issues.

For the longest time, Apex has had overwhelmingly ‘positive’ community reviews on Steam but as the issues have started to stack up in the last few weeks, things have changed.

While the overall review of the game still has the ‘very positive’ tag, the most recent reviews fall into the ‘mixed’ category, and that isn’t just the result of a few hundred frustrated players. No, there have been over 21,000 recent reviews with many pointing to the server issues as the reason for their frustration.

Players are hoping that by negatively affecting the reviews, Respawn has to take note. “Honestly, I’m very glad the game is deserving its current hate. The devs have neglected all of their games and now Apex,” said one. “This is how change is made honestly,” added another.

With the issues stacking up, some players have given up on the battle royale altogether, but it still maintains a healthy player base and remains popular on both Twitch and YouTube.

The developers have already stated that some issues – with Ranked Arenas being an example – will be addressed next season, but it remains to be seen if every problem will be cleared up.