Apex Legends players slam Respawn after quick fix for packs but not servers

Alex Garton
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Apex Legends players are frustrated after Respawn rolled out a patch to fix a bug affecting packs, but have still not found a solution to the server issues.

Beginning on October 12, the Monsters Within event has kicked off Apex Legends and there’s a variety of spooky cosmetics for players to collect.

Although there’s been a lot of excitement within the community in the lead-up to Halloween, some players are struggling to enjoy the event due to server issues.

Despite calls for an “Operation Health” update and players planning a boycott, Respawn has claimed a patch dedicated to fixing bugs, glitches, and server health would not be possible.

Now, after fixing a bug that was affecting item probabilities in Halloween packs, players are slamming Respawn for not prioritizing server issues.

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The Monsters Within event concludes on November 2.

Apex Legends players continue to call for fix to servers

Shortly after rolling out the Monsters Within event, Respawn took to Twitter to reveal that they’d had to patch a bug affecting the probabilities of items in the Halloween packs.

According to them, packs were dropping more rare loot than they should have done, but they congratulated anyone that benefited from the issue.

Despite this, players didn’t have a positive reaction to the tweet, claiming that the devs were quick to fix a problem with packs, but had no interest in addressing server issues.

A thread quickly rose to the top of the Apex Legends subreddit with countless angry players voicing their frustration over the bugs and server issues they were experiencing.

It’s obvious there’s a lot of anger in the Apex community when it comes to the state of the game’s servers.

Although the pack bug was definitely a problem that needed to be fixed, players believe there are more significant issues affecting the title.

With no response from the devs, all players can do is keep their fingers crossed that Respawn is doing its best to address the gameplay bugs and server issues.