Apex Legends players discover new issue with loot tables following Legendary Hunt patch

Alan Bernal

Apex Legends players have been enjoying all the new content that the Legendary Hunt patch introduced to the game, but now they’re finding a bug with latest update that reverted crucial loot tables throughout Kings Canyon.

Respawn Entertainment launched their highly anticipated in-game event on June 4, giving players more skins to unlock and a brand new Elite Queue to test out their skills against the best in the game.

Though some players have been noticing that the patch might have accidentally reverted a previous change to the loot tables that brought back a rise in spawns for stronger weapons in the game, while making Energy weapons and ammo harder to find.

Respawn EntertainmentPlayers have been noticing a mound of Wingman pistols appearing in the game as of late.

In a Reddit post, user ‘RotomGuy’ voiced some observations they had during their recent matches in an attempt to raise awareness, hoping to get the attention of the Respawn Entertainment developers.

“A while back some alterations were made to the loot tables,” RotomGuy said. “Being that Wingmen and Peacekeepers were made rarer, and Energy Weapons and ammo were made more common… But in the Legendary Hunt patch, these adjustments appear to have been accidentally reverted.”

Furthermore, they point out that Lifeline’s Care Package had also been changed to prevent Level 4 Body Armor from spawning in the ult. But it seems like this too has been reverted seeing as how they noticed Gold items coming in ordinance.

Similarly, players have been noticing a spike in Wingman pistols and Peacekeepers around the Apex Games arena. Conversely, RotomGuy says “Triple Takes appear once in a blue moon” since Havoc and the rest of the Energy options have seemingly disappeared en mass.

Respawn EntertainmentEnergy weapons have been scarce in Kings Canyon since the latest patch.

When would a loot table update come to Apex Legends?

It seems like RotomGuy is “waiting for an acknowledgement in the Known Issues thread but it seems Respawn still don’t know” about the changes.

Fans are hoping the developers notice in time to sneak a much needed update with the June 2 patch that should bring upcoming legend Wattson to the game.

Time will tell if Respawn will be able to implement a fix in time for that patch, but it looks like it would definitely be much appreciated by the Apex Legends community.

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