Apex Legends is making it much easier to find a weapon

Shane Black
Apex Legends loot bin

Apex Legends will soon receive a big change to its Loot Bins to help players get a weapon as soon as they drop into a match.

Apex Legends’s upcoming Upheaval update will introduce a change where every unarmed player will have a guaranteed weapon inside of the first Loot Bin they open after dropping.

Since the game’s release, players have had to scavenge around the maps to find a weapon at the beginning of the match, sometimes searching several Loot Bins before finding one with a weapon.

This resulted in a lot of early deaths as players ran into bad luck that caused them to be unarmed when an opponent found them.

It could be a truly frustrating experience as it was something out of players’ control, leading to the beginning of an Apex Legends match feeling like something of a toss-up.

an image of Alter in Apex Legends Season 21 patch notes

This is changing with an adjustment that helps keep the pace of the game going. Giving a guaranteed weapon in every person’s first Loot Bin is a big shift that will significantly cut back on “downtime” looking for a weapon, while also reducing frustration.

It also appears there is a chance for some higher-quality weapons to spawn in Loot Bins, as the devs note bins will at least feature low-tier weapons. The odds of players finding weapons of a higher rarity are unknown, but it may be the normal spawn rate for weapons in the game.

So far, the Apex Legends community has been welcoming of this change, with some players saying they’ve been wanting this since “Year 1.”

Many players point to the fact that it will cut back on the difficulty of dropping into higher-populated areas of the map and allow everyone to get into the fight much faster.

Of course, there are still possibilities for problems, such as a player opening a Loot Bin, only for their teammate to snag the weapon there instead. Because of this, the mechanic could be tweaked further in the future.

For now, Apex Legends fans will just have to wait and see when this change is implemented alongside Season 21 on May 7.