Strange Apex Legends glitch allows players to shoot through closed doors

Joe Craven
Respawn Entertainment

Another bizarre bug has been discovered in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, as a player was eliminated after being shot through clearly shut doors.

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Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall-inspired battle royale exploded in popularity after its February release, but large portions of the community have been critical over the number of bugs and glitches that plague the game, even a number of months into its lifespan.

Respawn provided updates on a number of glitches they are looking to fix when Season 2 launches on July 2, including a number surrounding lag and connection problems. However, this particular glitch doesn’t appear to be caused by internet issues, as there is no red indicator in the top right of the player’s screen.

Reddit u/madchuska83
The red lag indicators did not appear, suggesting this glitch was not down to a connection error.
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Reddit user BoringLastWords shared the clip after he was frustratingly killed by an opponent, despite clearly having shut the doors to give himself time to heal.

The player was in an early game scenario, just north of Cascades, when they solo challenged an enemy squad, who had knocked their two teammates. After successfully knocking one member of the enemy team, the player pushes into the elevated bunker to stop the revive and get the elimination.

However, it doesn’t go to plan, and BoringLastWords shuts the door to retreat, heal and reload. When the doors are shut, the enemy fires his Peacekeeper and somehow manages to finish the player off, despite them clearly being in cover.

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Some responses suggested that the event was down to poor connection – and that the doors were not shut on the enemy screen.

However, Apex uses red indicators in the top right corner when a player’s internet is poor, and these are not present; indicating yet another frustrating bug in the game.

It’s unknown if this issue is contained to just these specific doors, but other players also claimed they had had a similar experience, and that it was happening more “lately”.

As the game approaches its second season, Respawn will be hoping to iron out the small issues that plague the game, like this bizarre issue surrounding the protection doors (should) grant.