How Apex Legends finisher moves can save your life

Connor Bennett

Finishers in Apex Legends are usually reserved for picking up kills in a humiliating fashion, yet, some players have uncovered ways to use them as life-savers.

Anyone who has ever played Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title will know that when you’ve downed an enemy player you’re given the chance to eliminate them in style.

These finisher maneuvers, which every Legend has, allow you to score some style points as you secure a kill. However, they can also flip the script and let you keep your own life going – just as long as the timing is right.

EAUsing Wraith’s finisher as a saving move may be difficult to time but it leads to spectacular results.

Redditor Senboni demonstrated the idea perfectly with their highlight clip while playing as Wraith. Senboni was using Wraith’s finishing punch to score an elimination when their duo partner appeared in the background to show off the new tactic.

Just as Wraith jumped through her void and went to punch, the newly appeared player tried to throw a punch of their own but the perfect timing meant that they missed and completely whiffed their own killer blow.

While that may have been a small friendly fire example of how players can have their games saved by the perfect timing of a finisher, others have shown how to use it when an enemy tries to pounce. 

Another player, Surise, used Mirage’s finisher to save themselves. As anyone who has played the game knows, the Legends ability allows him to spawn an identical second Mirage – bamboozling enemy players.

As soon as Surise was finishing off a downed opponent, another player attempted to shoot them in the back, however, they were left with egg on their face as they shot the clone instead of the actual player.

That player isn’t the only one to get sent for a loop after thinking they had a free kill on a pre-occupied Mirage. DocMettey posted their highlight clip as the Legend – but took it one step further than Surise.

As DocMettey used their finisher to kill a downed enemy player, they too spotted another player behind them trying to score a free kill. However, they flipped the script on the backstabber by completing their finisher, spinning on the spot and claiming another elimination onto them.

The perfect timing from these players should probably serve as a warning to anyone who tries a backstab attempt on a finisher attempt.

However, any player who can master the timings perfectly will probably be able to pick up some incredible highlight plays of their own killstreaks.