Apex Legends leaks reveal ‘Magic Witch’ event legend and weapon skins

Catalyst firing gun in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Fresh Apex Legends leaks have revealed weapon and Legend skins for the upcoming ‘Magic Witch’ in-game event, expected to release at some point in Season 15. 

Ambitious and immersive in-game events have become the norm for Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. 

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Every new season of content promises an heirloom collection event and, with the ongoing Season 15 chalked to be the longest season for some time, we expect a plethora of content to keep players engaged and the BR’s life cycle ticking over. 

For example, we already have some details on the upcoming Wintertide event, which will begin on 6 December and is expected to bring the popular Winter Express LTM back. 

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Now, we have new details on a ‘Magic Witch’ event, expected to drop at some point later in Season 15. It’s not clear exactly how it will fit alongside the Wintertide event, but we do now have leaks regarding the skins players can expect. 

Apex Legends ‘Magic Witch’ skins leaked

The leaks come by way of reputable Apex data miner Senos on Twitter, who revealed a host of weapon skin images that will come alongside the ‘Magic Witch’ event. 

There will be epic animated weapon skins for a host of the game’s guns, including the RE45, Sentinel, Devotion, and Rampage. 

They also revealed the legends that will be getting epic skins as part of the “thematic event”, although no images were shared at this point. 

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At the moment, we expect Ash, Lifeline, Rampart, and Valkyrie to receive epic skins during the course of the event. 

As is the case with all leaks, these details are subject to change and will remain unconfirmed until made official by Respawn and EA. 

Whenever they come and however it stacks up to other Season 15 events, there’s an awful lot for Apex Legends players to get excited about as we approach four years since its original launch. 

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