Loba ‘war fan’ heirloom possibly revealed in Apex Legends comic

Carver Fisher
Loba heirloom war fan comic

A set of leaks were floating around about Loba’s next interview being a war fan. And now, an official comic featuring Loba has made this heirloom even more likely.

Respawn have been slowly but surely working through their wide roster of Legends and giving everyone an heirloom.

Some leaks and speculation have led many to believe Loba will be the next Legend to receive an heirloom, and a new Apex Legends comic makes that even more likely.

Loba may be getting the next Apex Legends heirloom

This comic centers around a fan that used to belong to Loba’s mother, one that she goes to great lengths to get back in her possession. She bails on the gem she originally meant to steal and decides to go for the fan instead, only to get caught in a trap while taking the fan.

Along with some introductions to side characters, we also get a quick glimpse at Loba’s childhood and some background on her character.

As much as this comic is meant to expand upon Loba as a character, it’s also hard to ignore the fan at the core of the plot after recent leaks.

loba heirloom war fan

It’s worth mentioning, however, that the leaks in question lead us to believe Loba’s war fan has blades coming out of it, while the fan in the comic does not. If this fan is the next heirloom, then there’s much more to this story.

This wouldn’t be the first time an heirloom has given us major insight into a character’s past.

For instance, Crypto’s heirloom came with an animation where he takes out a photo of him with his family.

As always, leaks and speculation should be taken with a grain of salt. Respawn have yet to confirm Loba’s war fan as the next heirloom, but this comic gives a lot of weight to prior leaks.