Apex Legends player devastated after bug robs them of Heirloom rewards

John Esposito
Apex Legends Stim trick

Heirlooms are the pinnacle of Apex Legends rewards, and when one player finally gets the infamous “red light” in a pack, it goes from good to bad in seconds.

Fans of Apex Legends know that Heirlooms are the peak of the in-game rewards ecosystem. Earn enough Heirloom Shards, spend enough money, or open up enough Apex Packs, and you’ll eventually find yourself earning one of these special cosmetic items.

Per custom, when granted an Heirloom in a pack, you’ll earn three items — the Heirloom itself and a combination of mythic-tiered poses or quips.

However, when one Apex Legends player finally earns their shot at earning an Heirloom, they fall victim to an unfortunate bug, as the game only rewards them with a mythic-tiered pose. The events leave the player and their friend speechless, with a defeated “what?” at the end.

One of the caveats surrounding Heirlooms is that Respawn guarantees you cannot open 500 Apex Packs without a shot at earning an Heirloom.

Responses to the above clip highlighted that, as one player jested: “Well now you just have to open another 500 packs to get the voice line.”

Others shared their thoughts on the situation, with many feeling sad for OP. A developer also replied to the unfortunate happenings, confirming this is a bug rather than a ploy to dilute the in-game economy.

While rather rare, bugs like these do unfortunately occur in Apex Legends. Be careful when it comes to opening up packs, especially as more Heirlooms and coveted items enter the game’s rotation.