Ash heirloom is “pay to lose” and Apex Legends players are furious

Ash Heirloom being held in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Ash’s new heirloom appears to be “pay to lose” at the minute, as Apex Legends players have found that she is significantly louder when carrying it. 

There are a tonne of different cosmetics and skins for each character in Apex Legends, but there is one type of cosmetic that is sought after the most – the Heirloom.

These special melee weapons, which don’t offer any boosts in-game, are a way for Respawn to further delve into a character’s lore. Ash was the most recent recipient of an heirloom, as she got her Strongest Link nunchaku added in the Sun Squad Collection Event. 

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While getting an heirloom is supposed to be a celebration, things haven’t quite turned out that way for the Incisive Instigator as players have found that it actually nerfs her a little bit and could be classed as “pay to lose” as it stands. 

Ash heirloom is “pay to lose” in Apex Legends as it makes her louder

It was something Redditor LisNieLada highlighted on April 6, with YouTuber Grrtt also shining a spotlight on the issue as both of them called it a “pay to lose” situation right now. 

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According to them, when Ash has her heirloom equipped, she goes from having some of the quietest footsteps in the battle royale title to actually being quite loud.

This is especially prevalent when she walks across rocks, sand, and grass. It even happens when she is trying to sneak around while crouching, which shouldn’t be the case at all. 

A number of players have called upon Respawn to take a look at the problem sooner rather than later, with some even suggesting they may have to switch away from using Ash. 

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“Do they test anything?” quizzed one player. “I love Apex, but I can’t stand how dogs*it the audio is,” added another. “Bruh I thought her steps were hella loud recently. Glad to know it’s an actual thing,” another commented. 

Respawn did push out a hotfix on April 10 to address a few other issues in Apex, but it remains to be seen if this one will be looked at.

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