Respawn reveal plan for adding new weapons to Apex Legends

Alec Mullins
CAR SMG Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment shared their philosophy on adding new weapons to Apex Legends in the future and how they’ll address concerns about the loot pool. 

Apex Legends Season 11 arrives on November 2 and a ton of new changes will debut alongside it. Chief among these additions to the game are two imports from Titanfall – one being the new legend, Ash, and the other being the highly versatile anti-personnel C.A.R SMG favored by Titan Pilots everywhere.

During a press event for the upcoming season, Respawn said that they’re focusing on filling gaps that exist among the current weapon pool while keeping a tight grip on the number of guns players can find around the map.

Apex Legends devs on future new weapons

Apex Legends CAR reload
Respawn Entertainment
The CAR SMG can use both Light and Heavy ammunition, a feature unique to the gun.

In a battle royale title like Apex Legends, it’s all about balancing each level of the game and holding the user experience in check.

The studio hopes to keep the number of items that spawn on the map limited while still offering fresh and dynamic ways to enjoy each round: “When it comes to weapons, we’re very cognizant of managing the loot pool. So we’ll continue to release new weapons, only when we feel they’re ready to enter the game.”

Ash in Apex Legends Season 11 Escape
Respawn Entertainment
The debut of both Ash and the new SMG combined the arrival of the new map Storm Point could make the beginning of Season 11 incredibly chaotic if not kept in check.

This philosophy aligns with the release of other guns, like the Rampage LMG and its signature Revved Up feature, that have been added to the game recently. By only including new weapons when they can be paired with new mechanics or fulfill a need that’s not being met in the game, Respawn can carefully manage each piece of the combat puzzle.

“Overall we want to ensure there’s a strong design space, and a strong reason whenever we add anything new to Apex, and we’ll continue to do that in future seasons.”

Keeping a steady pulse on the number of guns – and experimenting with new attachments, like the upcoming Dual Shell hop-up – should keep Apex Legends feeling fresh for all players for years to come.