Apex Legends: First look at Wattson’s finisher and abilities in Season 2

David Purcell

Respawn Entertainment gave us a glimpse of what Wattson will be capable of in Apex Legends Season 2 at EA Play, but her finisher and abilities look even better based on newly-leaked gameplay. 

The second season launches in the popular battle royale game on July 2, with a number of eyebrow-raising map changes already revealed ahead of schedule, and now Wattson’s most effective abilities have now been showcased for players to see.

Respawn previously confirmed that the character has three main battle techniques in an announcement on June 8 – Perimeter Security, Spark of Genius, and Interception Pylon. So, it was only going to be a matter of time before players would be able to see just how effective those skills are in battle. 

EAApex Legends fans already know a lot about Wattson and her abilities, but she looks so much better in-game.

Leaked Apex Legends trailers show off Wattson

The latest Season 2 trailers, which were leaked on June 27, showed a number of insane potential map changes in Kings Canyon, the new L-Star SMG weapon, as well as yet another look at the impact dragons, flyers, and Leviathans that may be in Apex Legends for the second season. 

However, there was also time for a dedicated segment for Wattson, where fans were able to see the true power of her abilities. 

While there have been many other leaked details regarding the character and her electrical fence defense mechanism, there’s no doubt that it looks even more exciting in-game, rather than just having a few screenshots to browse through.

(Timestamp at 1:25 for new Wattson footage)

In particular, Wattson’s finishing move is very different to other legends in the game, eviscerating an enemy with just one poke of the finger. We also get an idea of how it will look when shooting and moving around the map too, when selecting her in-game. 

Apex Legends Season 2 is set for a July 2 launch and fans will be expecting it to go one step further than the previous. If it was more content players were looking for, it seems unlikely that it will disappoint with all of these new additions. 

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