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Incredible Apex Legends skin gives Octane a prehistoric twist

Published: 26/Jun/2019 20:43

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Apex Legends is just about to start its second season, and one creative fan has shown off an incredibly detailed prehistoric Octane skin amongst all the excitement.

Season 2 officially kicks off on July 2, with a release trailer dropping on June 27. The Leviathans are expected to make an appearance, as fans are itching to know why they’ve suddenly began moving towards land.

During all this Leviathan hype, one dedicated fan decided to create an epic dinosaur bones skin for Octane that’s nothing short of amazing.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesAdrenaline junkie Octane got the jurassic treatment with this skin concept.

“Life finds a way”

Reddit user ‘clarksabino’ wowed the Apex Legends subreddit when he uploaded his dinosaur bone-themed skin concept design on June 26.

Octane is wearing a dinosaur skull for a helmet, with the creature’s arms dangling over his shoulders. To camouflage into prehistoric surroundings, he’s also wearing a leopard print cape, which is covered by the monster’s spine and rib bones.

clarksabino’s concept design would definitely be a welcome addition to the game, especially if the recent Leviathans’ activity is anything to go by. 

Fan art, Skin Octane from r/apexlegends

People were obsessed

It looks like it could have come straight out of the game itself – something many other fans thought too. Many said they would actually pay real cash for it. 

“10 out of 10 would be my first bought skin,” one amazed user commented. “That’s a skin I would actually pay $10 for!” another said.

RedditPeople would pay real money for the skin.

It would be amazing to see this jurassic skin come to the game, especially if Respawn released a prehistoric map down the line.

Who knows what the game’s future holds? We’ll find out on June 27 when the Season 2 trailer drops.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev explains why Octane is getting “tiny buff” in Season 7

Published: 22/Oct/2020 16:33

by Daniel Cleary


Respawn game designer Daniel Klein has revealed why Octane will be receiving a small buff in the seventh season of Apex Legends, addressing some concerns around the fan-favorite character.

There are now 14 unique characters in Apex Legends and with another Legend, who was teased to be Horizon, on the way in Season 7, many players are hoping for their favorite characters to receive buffs in the coming updates.

Plenty of Apex fans have been calling for the Adrenaline Junkie, Octane, to get buffed in recent patches. Despite being one of the most popular characters he does not have a strong win rate in Season 6.

Octane in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Octane is one of the few characters to be buffed in Season 7

As it is unclear what could be done to boost the character’s performance, with some Octane fans even asking for full rework, many players have called on Respawn devs to help improve his chances at winning.

Following the release of the latest patch, one Apex player Iraakeane asked Apex devs when Octane would be getting buffed or reworked, and Respawn Game designer Daniel Klein finally responded to fans’ concerns.

The Apex dev revealed that Octane would be getting a “tiny buff” in the next season, although he did not share what exactly will change about the high-flying daredevil in-game.

“Octane’s got a very high pick rate (a lot of people play him) and also a very high encounter win rate (he wins individual engagements a lot),” Klein added, before revealing why the popular character needed a small buff.

“It’s just his trios win rate that’s low,” he shared, suggesting that they were happy with his current state, “that’s kind of okay: he’s a selfish, charge-in-guns-blazing character who’s a ton of fun to play but also eventually gets himself killed.”

As of now, it is unclear just what kind of buff Octane will receive, but fans will likely have to wait until the season’s end on November 4 to find out for sure.

There have been a few other buffs revealed by Respawn for Season 7, as characters like Mirage are set to receive some “scary” changes in the next few weeks.