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Leaked Apex Legends Season 2 trailer reveals major map changes

Published: 27/Jun/2019 12:14 Updated: 27/Jun/2019 13:04

by Calum Patterson


Respawn Entertainment’s big reveal for Apex Legends Season 2 has been spoiled somewhat as leakers posted two official trailers ahead of its launch, revealing some unexpected events that could soon send shockwaves right through the map.       

The leaked cinematic and gameplay trailers show off the new legend for Season 2, Wattson, but what’s perhaps even more exciting is the massive changes coming to the arena – or Kings Canyon. 


As the narration tells us, a large EMP has detonated and will destroy the Repuslor tower, with the voiceover stating: “Kings Canyon will never be the same”.

Respawn EntertainmentA new structure spotted in the Season 2: Battle Charge trailer.

The Leviathans have physically invaded the map space now, and the pesky flyers are still there, with some appearing to be locked away in cages in different areas of the arena. 


The muddy areas have been transformed, or “stabilized, allowing them to regrow”, so are now lush with greenery.

And, of course, there are new structures. A large tower-like building with multiple entrances has emerged and is shown off in the trailer, which you can see below.

Some of these changes were expected. After all, players have known about the Leviathan’s upcoming invasion since Respawn revealed their first Season 2 trailer released at EA Play, not to mention the clues spotted in the Season 1 trailer as well. 


It’s unclear if any of these new areas will become ‘named’ points of interest on the map, but we’d be surprised if there wasn’t some update names for certain locations.

Whether or not players will be able to interact with the Leviathans to a large degree remains uncertain, but one shot in the trailer does show one stamp its foot down – and you certainly don’t want to be underneath it when it does that.

As more information is revealed out about the map changes, and everything else Season 2 related, we’ll keep you updated.

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Six tips and tricks to find the real Mirage in Apex Legends

Published: 12/Oct/2020 10:06

by Connor Bennett


Spotting the real Mirage after he’s popped his decoys can be a real pain in Apex Legends, but some players have got six tricks that will make life much easier.

As each legend has their own unique abilities and quirks, mastering them as your main character does require plenty of time and effort. Being able to master fighting against them, and throwing out perfect counters, can be even tricker. 


There are plenty of tricks that go into countering abilities like Wraith’s portal or Bangalore’s smoke, but when it comes to Mirage, he might the trickiest of all the characters to counter. 

The bamboozling legend can quite easily escape a dangerous situation thanks to his decoys, leaving you and your teammates pretty confused. However, there are six simple ways that you can spot the real Mirage amid the fakes. 

Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s heirloom is part of his tells.

They come from Reddit user Forexz’s informative video, showing off the six small signs to look out for when Mirage summons his decoys and tries to get away. 

There are simple things like watching which Mirage flickers longest, listening for footsteps, and seeing which one has a second gun on their back as they try to run around amid the confusion. 

On top of that, you can also see the real Mirage if they have his heirloom equipped. Like the holstered gun giveaway, the trophy will appear on Mirage’s back, thus revealing the real legend amid the impostors. 

  1. Track Mirage’s emitter light when he activates the ability. 
  2. Watch the light flicker as he runs. The real Mirage will flicker longest.
  3. Listen for footsteps. The real mirage is the only one to make noise.
  4. Look for a holstered weapon on his back. The real Mirage is the only one with one.
  5. Look for the Heirloom on his back. The real Mirage is the only one to have the trophy there.
  6. Use aim assist on console. You’ll feel a slight slowing in the aim assist when looking at the real one.

How to find the real Mirage in a few easy steps | Read Description in the comments (Headphones recommended) from apexlegends

Console players also have a slight advantage as using aim assist will also reveal the real Mirage. When you aim at the legend, the aim assist will slow ever so slightly when you’re aiming at the real one. 

While these might seem like tips that are hard to follow during a fight, if you put time and effort into memorizing them, it becomes rather easy to spot the tells. 

Respawn might tweak a few things in the future to make Mirage an ever better trickster, but for now, you may as well use these tells to your advantage.