Apex Legends exploit allows Horizon players to escape Storm Point

Alec Mullins
Horizon's gravity manipulation is working well for her in Apex Legends Season 11
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players love testing the limits of each new map and Storm Point is no exception. As a result, the Gravity Cannons have been subject to all kinds of experiments but this Horizon-specific exploit has the community buzzing. 

From ramping up Octane’s ability to soar over people’s heads to giving Loba’s tactical ability even more strength, the Gravity Cannons on Storm Point have become a key piece of the Season 11 experience.

These movement-enhancers have provided a lot of utility for all of the games Legends, but few have benefitted from them quite as explicitly as Horizon.

On top of all the other tricks that these lifts hold the key to, a new discovery involving the Gravity Manipulator’s passive has players testing out what the out-of-bounds marker really means for someone that can zoom right past it.

Apex Legends players escape Storm Point

apex legends gravity cannons
Respawn Entertainment
Gravity Cannons have been the source of a lot of mischief in Season 11 and it’s only getting worse with this new Horizon-specific discovery.

In the clip, we see Quasar2003 head into the Gravity Cannon that faces towards Fish Farms and the easternmost edge of the map and begin their ascent.

Just before landing, they harness the power of Horizon’s tactical to activate a slide and ensure that no momentum is lost when they hit the ground.

The extra juice from the cannon gives them enough time to clear the far end of the out-of-bounds marker and ensure they successfully escape the map.

While a player hiding out there would still be susceptible to taking damage from The Ring, the broken boundary would certainly keep them safe from any enemies attempting to hunt them through the launcher.

One commenter compared Horizon’s ability to break free from the restrictive bonds of Storm Point to Neo’s journey in The Matrix: “Horizon is beginning to believe.”

Another user added that the out-of-bounds line seemed too ominous to test before this: “I seriously thought that you’d “fall” into the water and die. So I always avoided it.”

The biggest problem with using this trick is that there’s no safe way back into the map, so anyone who takes this ride outside of the barrier is punching a one-way ticket to the main menu.